Summer's almost over? :/

Well techinically, there's still 3 weeks left but I'm alreadly dreading it :[

Well so far on TQ I've only procrastinated.
I actually had a nice idea for the second round but it was too hard to execute so I ended up doing something dumb last minute xP
Baah I suck xDDD

On a happier note, all that studying for the SATs is paying off :]
And I've earned some spending money so that's good too :3

I'll probably spend it all getting stuff for my dolls but there's a Drunken Tiger album that I really want .__.
being poor sucks ufufufu =w=

My daddy got a job! :D

I'm sooo proud of him!
He's been working so hard, studying and planning and practicing ^___^
heeee <3333

the bad news though is that his new job is in Boston....
Am I gonna freeze my butt off or what? D:

For now Imma just stay here while my dad goes aloney on his owney to Boston... but I might have to move there idk yet :[

OHNOES, This journal is kinda serious! Must post nonsence! :OOOO
So yeah, this year my Puddle going chances are zip. It's in the the weekend right in the middle of my exams, and I dont need any help failing Chem tyvm
Haha, maybe next year though! And I customized a minipullip for this Puddle (kinda crappy/rushed x__o)
Oooh, oooh, and I did a split for Tim's stock! Goggles HOORAY!
And I got a wig for Ized, I dunno if it'll suit him though~ I"ll have to wait till it gets here ^^

And I just heard about the Epik High america tour thingy... :x I wish I could gooo~
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